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Fact or Fiction? Fiction of Course...New @ JCPL!

Morpheus from the Matrix What if I told you meme

Sometimes it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. We’ve heard the term ‘fake news’ frequently of late, which leads us to believe the catch phrase, “Believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear.”

For example, have you ever heard that astronauts shrink in space? Or that the earth is closest to the sun in January? Or maybe you’ve heard that Americans eat an average of 18 acres of pizza per day, or that all polar bears are left handed? The answers to the above questions are no, yes, yes and yes.

Now, if you have been wondering if there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on all the beaches in the world, you will be happy to know the answer to that is also yes.

If you are wondering if checking out some brand new adult fiction would be a great way to relax over the upcoming holidays, the answer is a big, fat YES! Read on!

After many years as a death row attorney, Janet Moodie has seen enough and felt enough hopelessness to last a lifetime. A recent widow, Janet is determined that her current case will be her last. Andy Hardy and his brother, Emory, have been convicted of raping and murdering two women. Andy, labeled the mastermind of the crime, has been handed the death penalty, while Emory is serving life in prison. As she investigates Andy’s past, Janet uncovers the sordid and sad facts of Andy’s life, and along with mistakes made by Andy’s previous lawyer, Janet begins to consider that there  may just be mitigating circumstances that led up to the brutal crimes, and begins wondering, does Andy really deserve to die? Find out in ‘Two Lost Boys,’ book number one in the Janet Moodie series by L.F. Robertson.

Handwriting expert, Anna Winger, knows people better than they know themselves. The stroke of a pen is enough to give her enough information to solve complex crimes and mysteries. Hired out by companies all over the country, Anna does her best to keep the personal lives of her prospective clients out of her mind, until she takes on a case with a note left behind at a murder scene in her own small town. That particular crime completely unsettles the usually unflappable Anna, and as it becomes clear that she and her son may be in danger just for being in close proximity to the case, she finds herself in need of saving, facing every fear and mistake from her own past in ‘The Day I Died’ by Lori-Rader Day.

Andy Carpenter is a lawyer. Running a dog rescue organization called the Tara Foundation with his friend, Willie Miller is a part time gig, but Andy’s true calling in life. When a dog shows up at the rescue site one day and they check the microchip embedded in him, they discover that the dog is really special…he’s the DNA dog; a dog that disappeared two and a half years earlier, kidnapped with Jill Hickman’s adopted baby in broad daylight. Now that the dog has reappeared, the search is on for the child and the hope of finding the toddler is resurrected, along with the hope of finding the real kidnapper and putting him or her away. As the investigation goes deeper and the case heats up, what they begin to uncover becomes more complicated and more dangerous by the day in ‘Collared,’ book number 6 in the Andy Carpenter series by David Rosenfelt.

Commissario Guido Brunetti is a good cop and one who loves his family and friends. Stressed to the limit by an interrogation that goes terribly wrong, Brunetti decides it’s time for a break and takes a leave of absence. Taking a much needed vacation to a villa on Sant’Erasmo Island, Brunetti plans to spend his days on the water and his nights reading. When a sudden storm comes up, the caretaker of the house where Brunetti is staying turns up missing, and Brunetti’s cop instinct kicks in, leading him to do some off-time investigating in ‘Earthly Remains,’ book number 26 in the Commissario Brunetti series by Donna Leon.

If it is a fact that you love to read, and fiction is your favorite kind of book, then it’s also a fact that the Jasper County Public Library has the best and most AWESOME fiction around! Stop in any branch of JCPL, located in Rensselaer, DeMotte and Wheatfield, where the fiction is great, and that’s a fact!