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Be a Book Lover This Summer With These New Adult Fiction Titles!

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We waited and waited; sometimes patiently, sometimes not so much. All that waiting has paid off, however, because summer is finally here!

The month of June is just the beginning, and then it will be July 4th and then the month of August, which heralds the end of all we waited for.

Fear not, though, because the month of August brings us Book Lover’s Day! Yes indeed, August 9th is designated just for us Bibliophiles, those of us who practice Epeolatry (worship of words) and may even be considered Literarians (lettered persons).

Bibliophagists (voracious readers; devourer of books) excel during Book Lover’s Day, and may find themselves reading books, including incunabula (books or manuscripts published long ago) and even some new titles, of which your friends at the Jasper County Public Library have MANY!

Read on for some great, new adult fiction titles!

Who is Zoe Barry, really? She claims to be the long lost daughter of Professor David Connolly. When she enters his classroom and utters these unbelievable words, she turns his family life upside down. His wife, Caroline, in particular has reservations about the claims that Zoe is making, and as her stories mount, so does the suspicion in Caroline’s mind. Letting this young girl into their home and their very lives entangles the Connolly’s in a maze of darkness, leaving them all vulnerable to the mystery that surrounds the entire situation. Who is Zoe Barry? Find out in ‘Girl Unknown’ by Karen Perry.

Tom Hazard is not just any ordinary 41 year old man. He is a man with a secret; a dangerous secret that, due to a rare condition, has kept him alive for centuries. Living through history, experiencing one adventure after another, Tom would do anything to just live a dull, ordinary existence like everyone else. He tries to do just that, by moving back to London and taking a job as a high school history teacher. When he meets the French teacher at his school, the attraction is immediate. Tom, however, knows that there is one rule he must never break; an unbreakable rule ordered by the Albatross Society, the secret group that protects Tom’s mysterious background. He must never fall in love, which leaves Tom with a huge decision to make. Should he abandon his past, and start living for the present, or live without the one thing that may ultimately save him? In ‘How to Stop Time’ by Matt Haig, one lifetime is never enough, but for Tom Hazard, may well be too much.

Now grown women, Alison and Kitty live with a haunting past; a past that neither of them can ever escape. The two women were part of a trio when they were young, but one sunny morning a tragedy took place that forever changed their lives and the lives of those around them. One of the young girls walking to school with Kitty and Alison ended up dead on that sunny day, and now, fifteen years later, Kitty has no voice and lives in an institution that she will probably be destined to stay in forever. Alison has moved on with her life, but when she takes a teaching job in a prison, she begins to receive threats. Someone is watching her, and it is someone who wants revenge after a lifetime of lies in ‘Blood Sisters’ by Jane Corry.

Steven Wentworth is dead, by the hand, supposedly, of an unidentified man who shot him to death in cold blood, but why? By all accounts, Wentworth was well liked by all who knew him. His family, however, paints a far different picture of the dead man. They call him a murderer; they say he was evil. On the case is Ian Rutledge, witness to the aftermath of the crime and seeking justice as he tries to come to terms with his own haunted past. When it appears that Wentworth is not alone and another suspicious death occurs, it becomes clear that a dangerous serial killer is on the loose in ‘The Gate Keeper,’ book number 20 in the Inspector Ian Rutledge series by Charles Todd.

Many of us bibliophiles are, at times, accused of being Bibliobibuli, (people who read too much) and Book Bosomed (a term coined by Sir Walter Scott meaning someone who carries a book at all times). I confess to all charges, but happily so, because, as author, Stephen King so aptly puts it, “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” Stop by your local branch of the Jasper County Public Library this summer, where the portable magic includes these and many more great, new fiction titles!