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Time Flies! Spend it With These New Titles From JCPL!


Twenty years is a long time, but the older I get the faster time goes. Time flies; that is the phrase used when we can’t fathom how quickly the days have passed. For example, I remember when the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling was introduced, and became such a hot item that the reserve list was as long as my arm. Well, I’m short, but the list was really LONG. The first in the series, ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ was released in June, 1997. Not a short time, but it doesn’t seem as though it could really be 20 whole years ago. Now, twenty years later, the series has sold over 500 million copies and is easily the best selling book series in history, translated into eighty languages. The language of reading, loved far and wide, is spoken all over the world. What language you speak doesn’t really matter; what matters is the written word that makes its way into your mind, your heart and your very soul. Read on for some great new fiction titles from your friends at the Jasper County Public Library that will fill your summer days!

The minds of the world’s worst serial killers have been picked apart by prison psychiatrist, Evelyn Talbot. Studying the profiles of these criminals opens the door of understanding to even the most dangerous and cunning characters ever to walk the earth, or at least that is what Evelyn believed until she encountered Dr. Lyman Bishop, also known as the Zombie Maker. This brilliant cancer researcher has been responsible for performing lobotomies with an ice-pick on his victims. Elusive and by far the deadliest psychopath in her caseload, Bishop challenges Evelyn’s psyche like no other career criminal she has met thus far. To further confuse the already complicated case, another ice-pick murder has occurred; and this time, it’s not possible that Bishop is the culprit, since he is locked up. Is Bishop really innocent, as he claims, of the previous murders as well, or is there a copycat sending a dangerous message to Evelyn? This crime seems personal to Evelyn, which means she may be in danger herself, and it also means that escape from the killer may be impossible this time around in ‘Hello Again,’ book number 2 in the Evelyn Talbot Chronicles by Brenda Novak.

The Queen of Suspense, Mary Higgins Clark, has written a brand new thriller to keep you turning pages long into the night with ‘I’ve got My Eyes on You.’ This new thriller features the Dowling family, whose eighteen year old daughter, Kerry, is found at the bottom of the family pool after throwing a party in her parents’ absence. Of course, the prime suspect in the crime is Kerry’s boyfriend, with whom she had a bitter argument during the party. Then there is the uninvited neighbor who had a bone to pick with Kerry over his uninvited-ness. Aline, Kerry’s older sister, does her best to delve into the mystery surrounding her sister’s death, aiding the Prosecutor’s Office in their search for the murderer, but as she digs ever deeper into the crime, Aline finds herself drowning in danger as well in this fast-paced novel, written by the one and only Queen of Suspense.

A loving husband, a steady job and a beautiful baby boy named Alex are among the blessings that Melanie Barrick counts each day. After being tossed around in the foster care system as a child, Melanie feels fortunate to have survived, and her life is now a dream come true. Her dream, however, turns into a nightmare when she goes to pick Alex up from his daycare after work one day only to discover that he has been taken by social services, and no-one will tell her why. The ‘system’ has returned to haunt Melanie, and that is only the beginning of her nightmare. Things spiral out of control when she arrives home to find the sheriff searching her house, which yields enough cocaine to send Mel away for a very long time. Her caseworker, Amy Kaye, has not only Melanie’s troubles on her plate, but has been working a cold case for years; a case that Melanie is more than familiar with, and a case that may make or break the situation that has ruined her life in ‘Closer Than You Know’ by Brad Parks. 

Yes, twenty years is a long time, and kudos to J.K. Rowling for her successful fantasy series and every language that it has ever been printed in. I have never written a book, and sometimes have enough trouble finding the words to express even the simplest of thoughts. I have had a 28 year run with the Jasper County Public Library System, and find it hard to express my gratitude as I write this, my last article. Twenty eight years is not a short time. Thank you, JCPL, and those who have read about each new book described within these articles, and farewell, adieu, adios, au revoir, ciao; well, that’s not eighty, but you get the picture.