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Silent Auction - Downton Abbey Limited Edition Collector's Set


Nov 18,

November 18 through December 14, the Friends of the Wheatfield Library will be holding a silent auction for a brand new, never opened "Downton Abbey Limited Edition Collector's Set." This set includes a collectible hardcover book with 22 discs featuring all 52 episodes including each season finale Christmas special, and video extras from each season - that's 13+ hours of bonus video and 5 hours of new material created especially for the complete collection! Also included are full color photography and favorite quotes from iconic characters, a working Downton Abbey pull bell ready to hang on the wall or stand on a shelf, and a set of six elegant cork-backed coasters featuring the official Downton Abbey crest. Those interested must stop in the Wheatfield Library to place bids, which will begin at $45. The winner will be determined at the end of the Friends of the Library Bake Sale on Saturday, December 14. This set would make a great Christmas gift, so don't miss out on an opportunity to provide a unique gift while helping the library and it's Friends!