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Fall is great time to get cooking

Cartoon of a book with a soup bowl and a croissant.

Well, it is here. The word that some people dread and others love…fall!

The air is cooler, leaves are falling, and the smells of baked goods and bonfires are filling the air. With the weather cooling off, now is a great time to bake goodies that heat the house and your heart, like pies or cookies.

Not a sweets person? That’s okay! Soups or stews are perfect for fall weather too. Never cooked or baked before? Well, now is the perfect time to start, with permission from your parents, of course.

Check out these cookbooks for some delicious recipes to try out this fall. Really think you shouldn’t be in the kitchen? That’s okay, too. Try some of these fiction books, so you can at least read about all things food.

Deliciously Fresh Cookbooks:

Fiction Books about Food: