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Arihood Archives

These files are digital reproductions of information gathered by or entrusted to the library over the decades regarding local places, individuals and entities. These archives allow our patrons to access the same information that has been available in the library, now in a more convenient form.

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Due to copyright issues, some of the content in our archives is restricted to use at the physical location of the Jasper County Public Library.

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Newspaper article and photo of building circa 1948.

Arihood family runs tire store since 1912

History of Arihood Tire Mart from 1912 to 1988.

Photo of three historic views of the building at Washington and Front streets.

Washington and Front Streets

Photos of the building at Washington and Front streets in 1910, 1930 and 1948, plus a little history about the various businesses that have been there.

Photo of woman standing next to her painting of Washington Street

Rensselaer Long Ago

Local artist Pearl McGee Yeoman was commissioned to make a painting of historic Rensselaer and chose a photograph of the old Washington Street and Bridge as her subject.

Photo of the printout of a blog page featuring a photo of CTS.

Death of a Landmark 1

Commentary and photos from the demolition of Arihood Tire on July 17, 2002. Blog Link: