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JCPL Internet Archive - Jasper County IN Veterans Cemetery Database
Photographic record of tombstones of all veterans buried in Jasper County, Indiana. Created by Kyle Eenigenburg as an Eagle Scout Project in 2017 and donated to the Jasper County Public Library.

JCPL Internet Archive - Rensselaer Central High Schools Yearbooks

JCPL Internet Archive - Other School Yearbooks archive.


Reference books about Jasper County history and Genealogy

All books and items listed below are reference materials. They may only be used in the library unless approved by the Jasper County Library Board. The following is a sample of the collection held by the library.

You are welcome to browse or do extensive research. Limited search requests by telephone or mail are done for persons unable to come into the library. You can also reach our genealogy specialists by using our contact page and in the category option selecting which part of the county (north or central) your inquiries are based.

Many of these books are now available as downloadable ebooks!

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JCPL eBooks

929.2 DEM DeMotte, Mildred Ione and DeMotte, Louis Bernard DeMotte and Allied Families 1665-1977  - Family Genealogy
R 977.2 ARN Beulah Arnott Sketches of Jasper County
R 977.29 ARN Beulah Arnott Gone & Almost Forgotten
R977.2977 HIS Jasper-Newton Counties Genealogical Society History of Jasper County, Indiana 1985 - Anecdotal history of Jasper County
R 977.772977 WHE The Wheatfield Historical Society Wheatfield Centennial 1883-1983
  The DeMotte Merchants' Association The Big Fire
R 977.204 DEM Donald and Evelyn Roorda DeMotte Centennial Booklet
R 977.2977 HOW Howard Clark, Compiled by Beulah Arnott Howard "Lefty" Clark - The Gossiper
R 977.2977 ACC W.J. Wright W.J. Wright Account Books 1855-1879

General Sources

R016.929 GEN Genealogy / 2 vols.   Genealogical and local history books in print
R347.73 BEN  Genealogy Bentley, Elizabeth Petty. County courthouse book.
R929 ABR Genealogy / 4 vols. Virkus, Frederick Adams. The abridged compendium of American genealogy: the standard genealogical encyclopedia of the first families of America.
R929.3 ENC Genealogy / 7 vols. Hinshaw, William Wade Encyclopedia of American Quaker genealogy
R929.3 PAS Genealogy / 3 vols. Filby, P. William Passenger and immigration lists index
R929.42 SUR Genealogy American Council of Learned Societies Devoted to Humanistic Studies Surnames in the United States census of 1790: an analysis of national origins of the population.
R929.772 FIN Genealogy Finnell, Merlin. Ancestors in the Upper Wabash Valley.

Indiana History

R917.7204 IND Genealogy Taylor, Robert M. Indiana: a new historical guide.
R929.3 IND Genealogy vols. 1-3, 5 Heiss, Willard C. Indiana source book
R977.2 COC Genealogy Cockrum, William Monroe. Pioneer history of Indiana: including stories, incidents, and customs of the early settlers.
R977.2 DUN Genealogy Dunn, Jacob Piatt. Indiana and Indianans.
R977.2 MOR Genealogy / 4 vols. Morrison, Olin Dee. Indiana, "Hoosier State": a history: economic, social, political.
R977.2 THO Genealogy Thompson, Maurice. Stories of Indiana.
R977.2 TRO Genealogy Troyer, Byron L. Yesterday's Indiana.
Magazine   Traces (1989 to present)
R977.2 IND Genealogy Cottman, George S. The Indiana Magazine of History (1905 to present).
977.2 ESA (Circulating) Esarey, Logan History of Indiana

Indiana War History

R973.7 SOL Genealogy / 2 vols. Merrill, Catharine The soldier of Indiana in the War for the Union.
R977.2 GOL Genealogy Oliver, John Williams Gold star honor roll: Indiana World War [1] Records, 1914-1918.
R977.2 REC Genealogy Indiana Adjutant General's Office, 1899 Record of Indiana volunteers in the Spanish-American War, 1898-1899.
R977.2 SCR Genealogy Scribner, Theo. T. Indiana's Roll of Honor. - Vol 2
R977.2 SHA Genealogy Shaw, James Birney. History of the Tenth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry.
R977.2 STE Genealogy Stevenson, David. Indiana's Roll of Honor. - Vol 1

Census Records

R977.2 CEN Genealogy Indiana Historical Society. Census of Indiana Territory for 1807.
R977.2 EIG Genealogy   1820 Federal census for Indiana.
R977.2 IND Genealogy Alig, Leona. Index, 1830 federal population census for Indiana.
Genealogy Vertical File   Jasper County Census Index: 1840, 1850, 1870.
R977.2 IND Genealogy Indiana State Library. Index, 1840 Federal population census, Indiana.
Microfilm Jasper County Census 1810, 1820, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920.
  Tipton-Wabash 1880.
  Duplin-Lincoln County, NC 1810.
Vertical File   1860

Jasper County History

R977.2071 HIS Genealogy Jasper County Teachers Association. The history of Indiana's Jasper County Schools by Townships.
R977.297 COU Genealogy   Counties of Warren, Benton, Jasper, and Newton, Indiana.
R977.2977 CEM Genealogy Paulus, Margaret Babcock Cemetery records, Jasper County, Indiana : Vol. 3.
R977.2977 LAN Genealogy Lane, Joyce  I. Weston Cemetery Records
R977.2977 CHU Genealogy Paulus, Margaret Babcock Church records, Presbyterian Church of Rensselaer, Indiana.
R977.2977 FAM Genealogy Paulus, Margaret Babcock Family Bible records, Jasper County, Indiana : vol. 1, Pts. 1 and 2.
R977.2977 HIS Genealogy Jasper-Newton Counties Genealogical Society. History of Jasper County, Indiana.
R977.2977 IND Genealogy Banet, Charles Henry Index to death records, Jasper County, 1921-1977 inclusive.
R977.2977 IND Genealogy   Index to death records, Jasper County, 1882-1920 inclusive.
R977.2977 IND Genealogy Johnson, Elizabeth Dunn. Index to Jasper County [Indiana] marriage records 1958-1981.
R977.2977 IND Genealogy Lewis, Shirley Sands. Index to Jasper County [Indiana] marriage records 1920-1957.
R977.2977 IND Genealogy   Index to marriage records, Jasper County, 1865-1920 inclusive.
R977.2977 IND Genealogy   Index to birth records, Jasper County, 1882-1920 inclusive.
R977.2977 IND  Genealogy   Index to birth records, Jasper County, 1921-1977 inclusive.
R977.2977 IND  Genealogy   Jasper County Marriage Records Supplement 1981-1999.
R977.2977 LAN Genealogy Lane, Joyce I. Funeral home records of Rensselaer: in and surrounding areas, November 1917-May 15, 1990.
R977.2977 LAN Genealogy Lane, Joyce I. Additions to funeral home records of Rensselaer, Indiana, 1889-1991.
R977.2977 LAN Genealogy Lane, Joyce I. Supplement to Jasper County funeral home records, 1994-1998.
R977.2977 LAN Genealogy Lane, Joyce I. Funeral home records of DeMotte, Indiana area.
R977.2977 LIS  Genealogy   List of newspapers, Jasper County, Indiana, in the Public Library of Rensselaer, Indiana : Vol. 5 (1853-1956).
R977.2977 TRA Genealogy Jasper County (Ind.) Tract book of land entries through 1845, Jasper County, Indiana.
R977.2977 TRA  Genealogy Paulus, Margaret Babcock Tract book 1838-1870, Jasper County, Indiana.

Jasper County War History

R977.2977 BRI Genealogy   Brief history of Jasper County work during the World War (I, 1914-1918).
R977.2977 DIS  Genealogy Paulus, Margaret Babcock Discharge papers of Civil War soldiers, Jasper County, Indiana : vol. 6, 1865-1905.
R977.2977 SER Genealogy   Service record book of men and women of Rensselaer, Indiana and community.
R977.2977 SOL Genealogy   Soldiers buried in Jasper County, Indiana : rev. list.
R977.2977 WOR Genealogy / 5 v.   World War, Indiana War history records, military service record, Jasper County.

City History

R371.8976 CHA Genealogy   Chaos : Rensselaer High School Yearbook (1911- present, some years missing).
R977.2 ARN Genealogy Arnott, Beulah. Sketches of Jasper County.
R977.2977 REM Genealogy   Remington Centennial : One hundred years of progress, 1860-1960.
R977.2977 ROO Genealogy Roorda, Evelyn Kelly. DeMotte History, 1800-1979.
R977.2977 THI Genealogy   Thirty years of growth, one hundred years of tradition. (DeMotte History)
R977.2977 WHE Genealogy Wheatfield Historical Society. Wheatfield Centennial : 1883-1983.
R977.772 MAR Genealogy Marlin, Anna. Fair Oaks, Indiana, 1887-1987.

Special Interest

Kankakee Valley

R977.2 NIC Nichols, Fay Folsom. The Kankakee.
R977.29 BAR Bartlett, Charles H. Tales of Kankakee Land.
R977.29 BAT Bat, Bill. Hoosier hunting grounds of the Beaver Lake Trail.
R977 BUR Genealogy Burroughs, Burt E. Tales of an old "border town" and along the Kankakee
R977.29 REE Reed, Earl H. Tales of a vanishing river.
R977.29 WER Genealogy Werich, J. Lorenzo. Pioneer hunters of the Kankakee.


R388.42 HIL Genealogy Hilton, George Woodman. Monon route.
R977.2 HAR Genealogy Hargrave, Frank F. A pioneer Indiana railroad.

General Robert H. Milroy Collection

R929.2 Letters of R. H. Milroy
  v. 1 Family letters
  v. 2 Diary, 1865
  v. 3 Court of Inquiry
Temp v. 4 Supplementary materials
Vertical File Family letters
  Hand bills
  Invoice for supplies
  Military materials

Rensselaer Newspapers on Microfilm

Jasper Banner 1853-58
Rensselaer Gazette 1858-60
Rensselaer Union 1868-79
Rensselaer Republican 1883-96
Rensselaer Semi-Weekly 1897-1909
Evening Republican 1910-37
Rensselaer Republican 1938-present


World Family Tree Maker Volumes 1-52
Social Security Death Master Index
U.S. Marriage Record Index 1691-1850
Mortality Index, United States, 1850-1880
Military Records: Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865
United States Census Bundle, 1607-1880