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Photo of paper pints of blueberries stacked up

Don't get the blues; July is national blueberry month

What’s the best way to eat a blueberry? Well, that can depend on how you’ve enjoyed them in the past. A rather unpleasant memory I have is picking little blueberries off a bush in the sweltering heat and thinking, “I am never going to be able to pick a whole bucket of these things!”

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Photo of a woman massaging her back next to some much and landscaping.

If your back could talk, it might tell you to try INSPIRE

Oh, my aching back! Lots and lots of bending, but the garden is finally planted.

I probably took on more than I should have and am now contemplating a much different approach for next year.

Raised beds or container gardening. How enticing does that sound?

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Photo of a woman on the floor, smiling at her dog in front of a bookshelf.

Our pets mean the world to us

We all love our pets dearly. The American Veterinary Medical Association has put together a list of ways you can be a responsible pet parent, and you can celebrate your pets the first week of May each year with National Pet Week.

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