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Operation 'New Adult Fiction' is Underway @ JCPL!

Posted on Thu 11/26/2015 | in Good reads @ JCPL

Learning new things is daunting; following directions is not my strong-suit. Discovering, however, that You-Tube contains so many useful tutorials, mostly made by real people, I have come to depend on this quick, concise video format to learn how to complete a variety of tasks.

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Elderly woman on telephone.

What would make you stay on the phone?

Posted on Mon 11/23/2015 | in Between the Lines

Have you ever picked up the phone and cringed when you hear unwanted marketing calls? Most people just hang up.

But what if someone called you to say a loved one was in trouble? Would you question them? If the caller wanted money, would you give it to them to save someone you loved?

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Exterior shot of modern preserved one-room school house.

Where did your grandparents go to school?

Posted on Fri 11/13/2015 | in Between the Lines

Did you ever wonder how your great-grandparents, grandparents and parents learned to read and write when they were young?

In the 1800s, one-room schools dotted Jasper County.  The schools were built by neighborhoods, and the teachers who taught in the schools were often boarded by area families.

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