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What's In Your Wallet? If It's Your JCPL Card, Check Out These New Adult Fiction Titles!

wallet with money clip and a JCPL library card on top

What’s in YOUR wallet? This is a question asked by a popular celebrity on a current TV commercial advertisement. In our house the question happens to have more to do with what’s in your pocket than what’s in your wallet.

Actually, if you know what’s good for you when you come through my front door, you’ll make sure your pockets are empty and your wallet or purse is holding your belongings, because I have a pick-pocket dog that will burrow in your lap, acting as though she’s your friend. Then the unthinkable happens and you discover that you’ve been taken for all you have, whether it is money, Kleenex, cough drops or something else, (hopefully  not your library card!) because whatever it is, if it turns up missing, Dee Dee is surely the culprit.

Don’t let this happen to you! Take that JCPL card and use it today, on these brand new adult fiction titles! Read on!

The Quinn family has much to celebrate this holiday season. They will, for once in a long time, finally all be under one roof for the holidays. Bart has returned safely from Afghanistan, Patrick is back on track now that he’s paid his debt to society, Kevin and Isabelle have a strong, established marriage, and Ava is in love, probably with ‘the one.’ Things are looking up; but with the Quinns, there is always something; always one more shoe to drop; one more thing to endure instead of enjoy. Author Elin Hilderbrand offers a festive look at the holidays, while also leaning toward the realistic bonds of family in ‘Winter Soltice,’ book number 4 in her Winter series.

When a tragic accident takes the life of her husband, elementary schoolteacher, Jackie “Jacks” Morales is devastated. When she discovers that her beloved husband was in Hawaii in the company of another woman instead of on the business trip he had claimed he was taking, Jackie and the woman’s fiancé decide it’s time to delve into the mystery of what each of their partners were up to. As they retrace the steps and final days of their cheating partners, they uncover one secret after another in ‘The Good Widow’ by Liz Fenton.

When the news that Civil War era treasure is possibly hidden on Madeline Warwick’s property gets out, it becomes the feature story on a treasure hunting reality show, and her property is invaded by treasure seekers who inadvertently cause her uncle’s untimely death through their carelessness. Forging a letter claiming that the treasure never existed has slowed the invasion of the treasure seekers, but unfortunately for Madeline, Professor Gregory Randall has caught on and knows of the forgery. Once the word of her deceit is out, all bets are off and her property will once again become a free for all. Randall knows this, and uses the fact to gain access, with Madeline’s ‘permission,’ to the property to hunt for the treasure himself. As the race intensifies to find the hidden treasure, danger begins to present itself and someone is determined to put a stop to the treasure hunt once and for all in ‘Necessary Evil’ by Killarney Traynor.

Life for New Jersey Detective Napoleon Dumas has never been the same since his twin brother, Leo and Leo’s girlfriend were found dead. When the love of his life, Maura, broke up with him, disappearing without a trace, he was never able to really let her go. Searching for Maura and trying to uncover the truth of what happened to his twin brother have consumed Nap, and now, fifteen years later, he may finally have uncovered the truth with the appearance of Maura’s fingerprints on a rental car, used by a suspected murderer. Questions seem to lead to only more questions, however, and as time goes on the story grows only darker and more mysterious in ‘Don’t Let Go’ by Harlan Coben.

What’s in your wallet? Hopefully it’s your JCPL card, in your wallet and not your pocket, ready and waiting to check out these and MANY more new, adult fiction titles from your local branch of the Jasper County Public Library in Rensselaer, DeMotte or Wheatfield!