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Libraries Lead! Celebrate Your Local Branch of JCPL With These New Adult Fiction Titles!

Libraries Leas National Library Week 2018 logo, a colorful compass

Libraries Lead; that is the theme for this year’s National Library Week, celebrated April 8-14.

This annual, national observance, sponsored the American Library Association, kicked off in 1958 and celebrates the vast array of contributions made by libraries, library staff and librarians all over the country, whether it be a public library, school library, or academic library.

The American Library Association saw the need for special programs that promote reading because Americans were reading less and watching TV more.

Encouraging people to read would enhance the chances that they would visit their local library, and as the American Library Association’s promotions grew, so did the numbers of readers all across America.

I can think of no greater way to mark the special occasion of National Library Week and the many services that libraries across the country have offered to its communities than to bring you MORE of what your local library can offer in the way of new adult fiction. Read on!

For more than a decade, law enforcement officials have been unable to catch the monster responsible for the disappearances and murders of several young girls in rural Tennessee. The elusive killer has already snuffed out too many lives and when a sixth girl is found dead, Garrett Addison, special investigator for the Tennessee Bureau, blames himself. Bringing the FBI into the case further complicates things for Addison, as he must now work with Special Agent Jordan Lambert, a young woman with whom he had a past serious relationship. Closing in on the killer seems more impossible than ever, and just as Addison decides to walk away from the cat and mouse chase, roles are reversed and he becomes the hunted in ‘Vanishing Point’ by Lisa Harris.

Happy on the surface and living the seemingly perfect life, no one would ever guess that underneath it all, Sutton and Ethan Montclair are on the verge of financial, personal and professional disaster. The sudden disappearance of Sutton raises not only eyebrows, but questions in their circle of friends and family. Could Sutton have just lost her cool and disappeared on purpose? Or does the mystery go deeper than that and could Ethan be to blame, and possibly a murderer? Find out in ‘Lie to Me’ by J.T. Ellison.

Leaving behind their old haunts and habits, Julie and James move into a house that sits between the ocean and a forest, settling into a quiet, uneventful routine. The house has its own character; rooms within rooms and hidden nooks and crannies that become riddled with ominous shapes that begin to inhabit Julie’s body, taking over her health and tormenting the couple, keeping them both in a constant state of panic. Searching for answers, the terrified couple is met with mystifying and quirky neighbors and more questions than answers in ‘The Grip of It’ by Jac Jemc.

Circumstantial evidence in the murder case of real estate broker, Shirley Randolph, leads investigators to pin the crime on Brandywine Creek’s Police Chief, Wyatt McBride. Wyatt was romantically involved with Shirley for a time, and when she was found floating belly-up, all signs pointed to Wyatt as her killer. Wyatt’s friend and cohort, Piper Prescott, is doing her best to get  Wyatt off the hook, but when her own shop is burglarized and Piper is nearly run off the road, it becomes apparent that it may take drastic measures to uncover the truth in ‘Ginger Snapped’ by Gail Oust.

This April, Libraries Lead, and your local branch of the Jasper County Public Library is no exception! Take the time to get to know your library, your librarian and all of the wonderful services available to you during this nationally celebrated event, and check out some great, new adult fiction while you’re there!