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Six places to find your next favorite song

album covers from the future hits page at

Everybody loves music. We may not all agree on what we like, but we know what we like when we hear it. And with these sites, you can find some more of what you like.


My favorite app of all time has to be Shazam. As long as my phone is with me, I never have to wonder what that awesome song was. I can sample it, play it back, and add it to my music library. Or if I hear a song I haven't heard in ages, it's like running into an old friend AND remembering their name!

I also like using Shazam to search by location, to show what people are shazamming (now it's a verb) in New York, or London, or anywhere around the world. You can add those tracks to your own Shazam list. You can also browse top Shazams in different genres, or check out "future hits" or "buzz" for new songs just coming out. If you don't have the app, you can access all this from the website.


If you just heard a song in a movie or tv episode you want to know, and you don't have Shazam handy, there is a great website called TuneFind.

TuneFind doesn't just list the songs, but also the scene in which it appears. The listing for the movie Paper Towns (based on the awesome John Green novel) includes tracks like: Lost It To Trying (Paper Towns Mix) by Son Lux "When Quentin and Margo are driving through the city. The ride to the SunTrust building."


If you are looking for something new to listen to, you can try TasteKid, which will give you recommendations of similar artists if you click on the "Music Like This" link on any artist page. (Try: TasteKid is also a great way to learn more about the artist, with a short bio and video for each artist. There are also tabs for other things you might want to explore, including movies, books, tv shows, games and authors.


Musicovery is another great music discovery -- check out its name -- service. It asks you to chart your mood from calm to energetic and from dark to positive, and then suggests songs based on those moods. Feeling calm but positive? Try some Death Cab for Cutie or Shazz. Dark and energetic? Try David Guetta or Lana Del Rey. Dark and Calm? Linkin Park. Energetic and Positive? Try some Glee titles. Want something made before 2000? Do you like Classical, Metal or World Music? Choose as many or few decades and genres as you like.


Pandora is the original music exploration site, and is still going strong. This service will put similar artists together for you in their custom mixes, and browsing their station offerings or genres is a great way to find something truly insane. Like bagpipes? Try an afternoon listing to Scottish Traditional Radio. Or maybe not. The choices are practically limitless.

The library

Anyway, when you find the music you like, stop in at your library and pick up some disks for free so you can listen even when you don't have Internet access. The library has always been the place for audiophiles in the know.

So where do you like to find your music?